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Virtual Faculties

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Virtual Faculties
Universidad Politécnica Madrid
Virtual Environment
Conception, Sales, Promotion, Logistics, web development, CV collection tool.

The Challenge

Spanish Universities didn´t have a tradition of admissions offices or policies for atracting undergraduate students. Most of the openings at their faculties were filled easily by having more applicants than available number of admited students per year.

Nevertheless, by the start of this decade, the number of University undergraduate students started to drop at all the Universities in Spain. In this new scenario, the use of new promotion tools by Universities among highschool students started to become really important.

The Solution

Internet is the main communication tool for higschool students, as it is also their main source of information. Developing an interactive 3D environment for all the faculties at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, would be a way to approach the campus to the future students using the tool they are more used tu use: Internet

Technology: Adobe Flex - 3D renderings and animations - Video integration - Data services

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